Jakarta Stock Exchange tower’s ceiling collapses leaving 72 injured

MORE than 70 people have been injured after the ceiling of the Jakarta Stock Exchange tower collapsed.

The building could be seen full of debris and people rushing to help each other after the horrific incident.

Jakarta police said 72 people were injured in the incident.

A spokeswoman for Jakarta's Siloam Hospital said it had received 28 victims from the exchange, and the seriousness of their injuries was still being assessed.

A college student visiting the stock exchange said she felt a tremor just before a mezzanine floor collapsed into the building's lobby, with the debris hitting and injuring some of her friends.

The student, identified as Ade from Palembang in Sumatra, told Metro TV: "We were visiting the Jakarta stock exchange as part of our study tour when the structure suddenly collapsed, causing chaos."


According to an ABC journalist at the scene, the ceiling of the lobby crashed down onto a crowded reception area.

Television news footage showed people panicking and screaming as officials tried to evacuate the area amid piles of debris.

A reporter from Metro TV, who was in the building to cover the stock market, said the incident happened shortly after noon local time, about 5am in the UK.

Journalist Marlia Zein said: "There was a loud banging so people who were inside immediately ran outside of the building."

A number of people were hurt when hit by the falling structure.

Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono said the building was being evacuated.

The cause of the collapse was not immediately clear.

The structure appeared to be an internal balcony or mezzanine floor.

It collapsed on to the ground level of the complex's second tower, Indonesian Stock Exchange spokesman Rheza Andhika told Bloomberg, adding that it had not been an explosion.

The Indonesia Stock Exchange is located in the centre of Jakarta, and the local office of the World Bank is also housed on the 12th floor of the complex, according to its website.

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