Jared Kushner Spoke in Public, and People Finally Discovered What He Sounds Like

Jared Kushner, who isn’t known for speaking in public (but did appear on Gossip Girl that one time), broke his rarely broken silence at an event on June 19. As President Donald Trump’s top adviser and leader of the White House Office of American Innovation, Kushner welcomed Silicon Valley CEOs to the administration’s “technology week.” Based on the internet’s reaction, it was the first time many people heard his voice — and they were more than happy to pile on the memes.

Kushner’s short speech discussed bringing the government’s infrastructure up to date and also piled some blame on the Obama and Bush administrations. When he cited the Department of Veterans Affairs move to switch from paper to electronic medical records, he said that “despite 16 years of failed efforts, the Trump administration got it done in less than five months.” However, plenty of people were more distracted by how he sounded than what he was actually saying.

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Jared Kushner Is Working at the White House — But Doing What, Exactly?
Others took it to the next level and changed Kushner’s voice completely.

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Considering how many government functions Kushner’s running, it’s sure odd that so many Americans didn’t even know what we sounded like.

Source: https://www.popsugar.com/news/Jared-Kushner-White-House-Tech-Summit-Speech-43656086

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