Jealous on-off boyfriend Dylan Harries found guilty of brutally murdering young mum Katrina Evemy by stabbing her to death

A YOUNG mum's jealous on-off boyfriend has been found guilty of murdering her in a horrific stab attack.

Dylan Harries, 22, repeatedly knifed Katrina Evemy, 19, at her home in Llanelli, South Wales, in front of her young daughter.

 Katrina Evemy was stabbed in the neck, eyes, forehead and torso in front of her baby daughter

The court heard how Harries took an 8cm blade from his house and went to confront Miss Evemy after finding she kissed another man some weeks before.

Upon arrival he inflicted the wounds while her 22-month-old daughter became covered in her mother's blood.

Swansea Crown Court heard how Harries stayed in the house for 40 to 45 minutes without contacting the emergency services before raising the alarm with neighbours and claiming Miss Evemy was attacked before he arrived.

Miss Evemy went into cardiac arrest at the scene but that paramedics managed to resuscitate her and she was rushed to Morriston Hospital in Swansea.

 On-off boyfriend Dylan Harries denied the murder but was found guilty today

Dr John Gorst, a consultant in intensive care and anaesthesia, told the jury an initial full body CT scan found Miss Evemy had a swollen brain caused by "profound lack of oxygen to the brain" during cardiac arrest.

She also had separate, traumatic bleeding on the brain and a skull fracture which could have been cause by a blow to the head or by her hitting her head on something.

Miss Evemy was taken into emergency surgery to repair the "life-threatening" liver and neck injuries, which were still bleeding, he said.

Dr Gorst added that there were 1cm wounds above each eye which "appeared to have penetrated the eyelid and the soft tissue behind the eyelid but [we were] unable to say whether it has penetrated the eyeball".

 Harries and Evemy pictured together

He said Miss Evemy's condition deteriorated and on April 19 brainstem tests confirmed that she had died.

Pathologist Dr Stephen Leadbeatter, who carried out the post-mortem examination, said he noted injuries to Miss Evemy's head, eyes, face, neck, chest, abdomen, thigh, arm, hands and back.

"The wound in each eyelid was in my view a stab wound to each eye and there had been some damage to the optic nerve on the left," he said.

Dr Leadbeatter said he found four "punctuate" injuries on Miss Evemy's forehead which had the "appearance of a stab from a point".

 Katrina's home in South Wales after she died

When asked about cause of death, he said: "Death had resulted from the change that one sees in the brain as a consequence of poor supply of blood or oxygen and that that had followed resuscitation from a cardiac arrest.

"The reason for there being a cardiac arrest was as a consequence of sharp force injuries to the neck and belly which had been repaired [by surgery]."

He will be sentenced on Monday.

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