Jeremy Corbyn's union ally Len McCluskey urges Labour activists to oust 'stale' MPs

Unite chief Len McCluskey said MPs had to “respond to local party members”. Speaking to the BBC he said that if activists used “appropriate procedures” to get rid of an MP, “they should leave and I won’t cry over it”.

It comes just three weeks after the Unite general secretary sparked uproar by accusing backbenchers such as John Woodcock for using the anti-Semitism row engulfing Labour to “toxify” the party.

He told the BBC the targets of his criticism were not Labour “moderates” but “right wingers – there’s a small rump of them”.

He said they behave as though they had a “job for life, and they don’t need to respond to anyone”.

“Well now, in Corbyn’s Labour people have to respond to their local party members,” he said.

“Now, if the local members decide they don’t represent them anywhere and use the appropriate procedures they should leave and I won’t cry over it.”

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