Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad is accused of racism after calling black Tory a ’token ghetto boy’

KENSINGTON'S Labour MP was today accused of racism after it emerged she called a black Tory rival a "token ghetto boy".

Emma Dent Coad suggested that Shaun Bailey was a "free-loading scumbag" in a furious online rant when she was a local councillor.

He hit back today, saying that her rhetoric sounded like a "white supremacist" and calling on her to apologise.

Ms Dent Coad, who was elected to Parliament in June, was previously caught making slurs against Prince Harry's military career.

Now it has emerged that in 2010, when she was a Kensington councillor, she used her blog to abuse Mr Bailey, then standing to become an MP in West London.

She slammed the Tory candidate for allegedly describing North Kensington, where he grew up, as a "ghetto".

Ms Dent Coad wrote: "It must be said that his constant stigmatisation of the area he was born in as a 'ghetto' has not exactly endeared him to his former neighbours, one of whom calls him 'a free-loading scumbag', another 'the most hated man in North Kensington'."

She added: "Who can say where this man will ever fit in, however hard he tries? One day he is the 'token ghetto boy' standing behind D Cameron, the next 'looking interested' beside G Osborne. Ever felt used?

"Two things are certain. One is that his current posse of public school buddies will drop him like a hot potato if he doesn't get elected. The other is that he will no longer be welcome in North Ken if he does."

Mr Bailey has stood to be an MP twice and is currently a Tory member of the London Assembly.

He previously worked as an aide to Mr Cameron, before quitting after he fell out with a "clique" of the PM's advisers.

Mr Bailey said in a statement today: "I am shocked and saddened by the hate-filled, racist article written by Labour MP Emma Dent Coad which has surfaced this afternoon.

“During my time in politics I have dealt with prejudice and attacks from hard-line groups, including the BNP, but not once have I been labelled a ‘token ghetto boy’.

“Her use of language, including the caption of ‘keeping it real’, is more akin to that of a white supremacist group than that of an elected politician and she should be ashamed.

“As someone who was born into a poor family in Ladbroke Grove, I am proud of my charity work helping deprived community groups in the area Ms Dent Coad now represents.

“Ms Dent Coad has a long history of public intimidation. She should publicly apologise for these latest slurs – not just to me but to the wider black community – and the Labour party should consider her position."

Tory MP James Cleverly added: "This is vile and unacceptable language, and once again highlights a distasteful prejudice towards black Conservatives that I've called out before. When will Labour deal with this?"

Ms Dent Coad was a shock victor in June's election when she beat her Tory rival in Kensington by just 20 votes.

But in September, she was widely condemned when The Sun reported that she mocked Prince Harry's service as an Army helicopter pilot.

She told an anti-monarchy event that the royal "just sits there going ‘vroom vroom’" – prompting a huge outrage from politicians and military figures.

Ms Dent Coad did not respond to a request for comment on her blog post.


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