Kiwi with giant ’DEVAST8’ face tattoo pictured at work after defying critics to get a job

A TEENAGER who shot to fame around the world thanks to his enormous face tattoo has defied critics by landing himself a new job.

Mark Cropp hit the headlines after claiming his DEVAST8 face tattoo was stopping him being hired in New Zealand.

He had decided not to remove the massive inking, which covers the entire bottom half of his face, despite claiming that it had previously stopping him gaining employment.

The teenager was locked up for two years for pulling a knife on a tourist after trying to sell him fake cannabis.

After his release, he posted on social media for someone to give him a break and let him prove he could be responsible and hold down a full-time job.

Within hours he revealed he had been deluged with job opportunities and admitted he “stopped counting” when the number of offers reached 45.

He initially took up a scaffolding job but has since been photographed wearing a hi-vis jacket and working as a traffic controller.

The young father has been working with the Hamilton-based company on New Zealand’s North Island for around six weeks.

The 19-year-old’s infamous tattoo came about a few months ago while he and his brother got drunk in prison on home brewed alcohol.

His brother, who shared his cell, used a makeshift needle and fermented food to make the ink, and the tattoo took eight and a half hours to complete.

Among the offers of employment that flooded his inbox, the former convict was also given the chance to have the tattoo removed for free using laser treatment.

However, despite taking up the offer initially, he only attended one of the 12 scheduled sessions.

Reports suggested he stopped the treatment after expressing concerns about damaging his skin further.

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