Labour drops candidate who claimed Manchester bombing didn't happen

Labour’s National Executive committee ditched Mandy Richards who’d been chosen to fight for Worcester after she also cast doubt over the murder of Jo Cox and has more than a dozen court orders against her for harassment.

She denied being a “fantasist” after her social media posts were revealed.

One claimed the murder of MP Jo Cox was “conveniently bereft of evidence”.

In another post after last year’s Manchester Arena terror attack she wrote “why still no images/ footage of physical damage?”

Ms Richards was even banned from bringing court actions after she brought so many “vexatious” actions against MI6, MI5, Thames Water, Hackney Council and the centrist Labour group Progress.

She claimed her allegations were dismissed because she was a “black woman”.

A senior Labour spokesman said: “Every would-be candidate has to sign a statement revealing or giving information about anything they believe might bring the party into disrepute or might be embarrassing to themselves or the party as a parliamentary candidate.

“It is the responsibility of any candidate to do that, and that wasn’t done.”

The spokesman confirmed the NEC “has not endorsed Mandy Richards as the Labour Party candidate for Worcester”.

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