Labour MPs branded ’hypocrites’ for advertising jobs below their £10 Living Wage pledge

LABOUR was branded the “party of hypocrites” last night after The Sun found a string of frontbenchers advertising for jobs paid below their £10 Living Wage pledge.

Shadow Cabinet ministers Angela Rayner, Laura Piddock, Cat Smith and Valerie Vaz were all found recruiting staff on wages of between £7.32 and £9.23 per hour.

Fellow hard-left MPs Emma Dent Coad and the suspended Jared O’Mara have also advertised jobs in their offices on salaries that work out below £10 per hour.

The jobs were found on the – a website funded by the House of Commons that MPs use to advertise job vacancies.

The revelations are humiliating for Labour – and come just 48 hours after the party responded to the Government’s nine-month review of employment rights to reiterate their pledge to introduce a “real living wage of at least £10 per hour”.

Ex Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said it was “another case of Labour saying one thing and doing another."

“This has a Corbyn-wisp of hypocrisy."

Tory MP Philip Davies blasted: “Socialism has always been a great bastion of hypocrisy, people who say one thing and do another, and people who lecture everyone else about what they should and shouldn’t be doing and yet think those same rules shouldn’t apply to them.

“This is simply another prime example of that long tradition of socialists.”

Commons pay watchdog IPSA says a full-time Parliamentary staff contract is based on between 37.5 and 42 hours a week.

Left-wing firebrand Ms Pidcock, who rose to fame last summer for saying she could never be friends with a Tory because they’re “the enemy”, advertised for a full-time secretary on a salary of between £16,478 and £24,472 – depending on experience.

This meant an inexperienced new employee could expect to earn as low as £7.54 an hour.

Ms Smith, shadow minister for women, advertised for a caseworker on a salary of between £18,000 and £22,000 pro rata on a part-time contract.
This would work out as a salary of between £8.24 per hour.

Ms Rayner, shadow education secretary, advertised for a job paying as little as £7.32 per hour – well below Labour’s manifesto commitment.

Ms Vaz, shadow Commons Leader, was recruiting for a PA on a salary of £7.78 per hour.

Mr O’Mara advertised for a junior secretary or caseworker in his parliamentary office on a wage of £7.54 per hour.

And Ms Dent Coad advertised for an administrative officer offering pay of £8.71 per hour.
Labour declined to respond to a request for comment.'hypocrites'%20advertise%20jobs%20below%20their%20%C2%A310%20Living%20Wage%20pledge” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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