Labour poses as a Government in waiting — but in fact Corbyn leads a clueless rabble playing cynical games

LABOUR must be praying their Leave-leaning voters aren’t paying attention. Their official policy is now to vote against the crucial Bill that enables Brexit to happen.

They are dressing this up as an attempt to stop the Government increasing its powers.

 Jeremy Corbyn's attempt to block Brexit again is just pitiful

In reality the EU Withdrawal Bill is vital to let us leave without huge holes in our legal system.

And Labour will oppose it.

In the unlikely event the Bill fails, Brexit would be at risk and Labour to blame. Jeremy Corbyn is gambling it could bring down the Government.

But Corbyn and anti-Brexit Labour would never be forgiven by Leavers.

 Theresa May needs to prevent Corbyn from bringing down the government

Labour poses as a Government in waiting.

In fact it is a divided, clueless rabble playing cynical games in its desperation to keep the Corbyn bubble inflated.

IT is a measure of Brexit Britain’s allure to other trading nations that we don’t yet have enough negotiators to handle all the trade deals we want to sign.

We haven’t needed any for decades. We handed their jobs to the EU. And it should surprise no one that we cannot now hire them fast enough.

 Iceland’s foreign minister claims ‘everybody wants to make free trade deal with Britain’

The list of countries lining up to do business with us is huge. As Iceland’s foreign minister says:

“Everyone wants a free trade deal with Britain. You’re the fifth largest economy in the world.”

Remain diehards ceaselessly spread despair, but each day brings more good economic news. Housebuilding, for instance, is now at a nine-year high.

And Norway is just one country betting heavily on us succeeding. It intends to use eight per cent of its $1trillion sovereign wealth fund buying UK bonds.

Meanwhile let’s continue hiring that army of negotiators — and capitalise on the offers coming thick and fast.

FOR a woman running one of our two greatest universities Louise Richardson has a childlike grasp of reality.

First the Oxford University vice-chancellor defends the £350,000 salaries of her and other academics by saying footballers get more.

 Professor Richardson said students do not have right 'not to be offended'

Then she has the nerve to snipe at a “mendacious media and tawdry politicians” for pointing out her sky-high pay.

But football, Ms Richardson, is awash with money. The superstars who draw in the fans get a deserved slice of it.

Universities are largely funded by ­student fees borrowed from taxpayers, a lot of which will never be paid back.

Why are uni chiefs paid so much? Who would notice if they were replaced by others on a “mere” £150,000?

If Ms Richardson wants to be the ­millionaire head of a private US university, she should send off her CV.

Meantime she can stop her cheap attacks on newspapers and MPs concerned about fatcats getting rich with public money.


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