Lags do Buddhist-style meditations in prison after “mindfulness” classes cut

Rapists and paedophiles are taking part in Buddhist-style meditation in prison – after yoga and “mindfulness” classes fell victim
to budget cuts.

The sex offenders gather to sit with their eyes closed in contemplation, reciting mantras to reach “enlightenment” or an emotionally-calm state.

The group was launched as a cut-price alternative after a yoga teacher was axed to save cash at 270-inmate HMP Usk in Monmouthshire – a special jail for perverts.

It was revealed in a report by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, which also told how a “bilingual mentor” had been put in place to “develop a strategy to promote the Welsh language”.

It said the number of prisoners “engaging in Welsh culture” had risen since the last official inspection.

Last year we revealed how lags in other jails were being given Chinese acupuncture, allowed to choose paint schemes and even rapped for eating too many cakes.

Prison Service chief Michael Spurr said there was “a clear strategy” to tackle violence and provide positive opportunities.


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