Man living out of car at Port Authority busted with small arsenal: cops

A Georgia man was busted Monday for keeping a small arsenal in a car parked in the Port Authority Bus Terminal parking garage, according to Port Authority police.

PA cops got a tip about a suspicious character peering into car windows on the fifth level of the parking garage, which is open to the public. Cops found Grant Hall, 21, in a Honda parked there, questioned him, and eventually placed him under arrest, according to officials.

In the Augusta, Georgia native’s car, they found unloaded 9mm Glock and Taurus handguns, a total 138 rounds of 9mm ammunition — including 60 hollow-point bullets — a machete and a hatchet, according to police sources.

Hall is charged with three counts of criminal possession of a firearm, two of which are felony counts, according to the Port Authority.

Private company LAZ Parking operates a public facility in the garage, which also houses Port Authority buses, officials said.

Hall had been living out of his car there for about two weeks and was frequently spotted dancing in the garage and loitering in the terminal, according to an LAZ worker who asked not to be named because she was not authorized to speak with the press.

“He was making me feel nervous,” the worker said, explaining that LAZ clients had logged complaints about Hall but that workers were afraid to confront him because they feared he would complain to their bosses.

The woman said he frequently moved to keep from being detected by workers. It wasn’t clear where he was showering, but she said he appeared “clean.”

Parking on the fifth floor costs $50 a day, but customers pay on their way out, so Hall never had to foot the bill for his extended stay.

He tried to leave once, but apparently couldn’t afford the bill he’d racked up, because he turned around and stayed in the garage, the worker said.

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