Man mauled by bear on his doorstep when beast tore at his FACE moments after he left his house

A TERRIFIED man nearly had his face ripped off after he was "punched" on his doorstep by an angry BEAR.

Andrew Meunier was letting his dog out at his home in Naples, Florida, on Tuesday when he was given an "uppercut" by the flesh-eating predator moments after his scared mutt had bolted back indoors.

The 41-year-old was knocked to the ground after the roaring beast, who was one of three on the property, slapped him leaving him with huge scars across his face and chest.

He told ABC7: "I feel like I got in a fight with Wolverine."

Luckily, Andrew was able to scramble back into his house to safety before spending four hours in surgery receiving 44 stitches to his bloodied face.

He said: “Everything went in slow motion. It was just as scary as you can imagine.

"It was standing in front of me and I tried to turn left real quick and get back in the house, and caught an uppercut from a brown, or a black, bear."

He added: “Truthfully, I'm not sure how I got out alive.”

Andrew is the first person ever to be injured by a bear in South Florida, reports ABC7.

He said: "I heard that – who else can say that? Even the nurse was telling me people make up stories when they leave hospital, but you have got a good one."

Authorities are now trying to catch the hulking predator with traps and sugary donuts.

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