Man sledging on bin lid in snow crashes into fire hydrant – groin first

This is the moment that a thrill seeker’s sledge down a snow-covered hill ended in agony – when he crashed – groin first – into an unyielding metal water hydrant.

The wince-inducing video shows Wendell Haston jump gamely on a rubbish bin lid before sliding down the snowy hill in Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA last Tuesday.

All seemed well but a water hydrant was lurking, barely visible, at the bottom of the hill.

And as poor Wendell careened to the bottom, he crashed full force – and groin first – into it with his legs flung open.

As he lay in agony on the ground, his colleagues could be seen rushing to his aid while giggling slightly.

"Yes, he was very sore but went back to work two days later," Jacob Deathridge, who posted the video on Facebook, told

The group were on a break from working with a tool company when they decided to have some fun with the snow.

Although he went home in pain, Jacob assured that Wendell was not badly injured.


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