Man survives being knifed through the eye missing his brain by millimetres

A man miraculously survived being knifed in the eye after the blade missed his brain by millimetres.

Ashok Nirmalkar was stabbed so hard in the eyebrow that the handle snapped off the knife, leaving the three-inch blade embedded in his skull.

The 25-year-old is now likely to lose the sight in one eye, according to doctors.

But surgeons were able to remove the blade without causing any damage to his brain.

Ashok, from the Pithora area of Raipur, India, was stabbed after getting into a brawl during Holi celebrations on March 2.

He said: "After the attack, I thought I won’t survive, but the doctors have given me a new life."

Ashok was attacked during a fight and was stabbed above the left eye, with the blade sinking through his skull, narrowly missing his brain.

He instantly collapsed and locals rushed him to the Sri Narayana hospital, where a team of doctors led by Dr Sunil Khema saved his life.

Dr Khemka said: "The X-ray showed the knife had gone three inches deep and punctured damaged the left eye lobe, missing the brains optic nerve.

"We conducted an MRI test to check if the knife had caused any damages to the brains.

"After this, a specialised team comprising of a neurosurgeon, an ophthalmologist and surgeons operated on the patient for in three hours and carefully removed the knife from his eyes.

"It was a critical operation. While extracting the foreign body we had to do it very carefully.

"A small mistake and the optic nerve that connects eyes to the brains would get damaged. We also had to operate on his eyes."

He continued: "It looks like we won’t be able to save the sight in his left eye as the eyeball has been completely damaged in the attack.

"However, we are trying to save his retina and cornea. We couldn’t save his eye, but we are glad that we managed to save his life."

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