Mayoral candidate wants to fix your hellish commute

It’s time for the mayor to take New Yorkers’ commuter nightmare seriously, and a candidate seeking to oust Bill de Blasio says he is just the man to do that.

As commuters face what even Gov. Cuomo is calling a “summer of hell” because of track repairs at Penn Station, GOP mayoral candidate Paul Massey is unveiling a transit infrastructure plan on Monday to provide immediate and long-term commuter relief.

“Bill de Blasio once remarked he wasn’t interested in `being the pothole mayor’ and it shows,” Massey told The Post.

“His neglect of our city infrastructure is a travesty and it is making life a nightmare for New Yorkers.”

One element of the plan would create a G train loop that extends the current Brooklyn and Queens route to Manhattan.

The G line currently runs from Court Square in Long Island City to Church Avenue in southern Brooklyn.

Connecting to Manhattan would improve access and reduce travel time for residents of northern Brooklyn, who must navigate closure of the L train beginning in April 2019.

Massey also proposes a PATH Expansion that would connect the west shore of Staten Island to New Jersey via light rail over the Bayonne Bridge, to help relieve traffic congestion on the island’s roads and bridges and provide another mass transit option into Manhattan.

The MTA recently set aside $4 million in its budget to study the feasibility of light rail between Staten Island and New Jersey. The borough has no direct rail connection to the rest of the city or Jersey. Most borough residents commute to Manhattan via the Staten Island Ferry or express bus service and drive to Jersey over tolled bridges.

Massey is facing off against Assemblyman Nicole Malliatakis (R-SI-Bk) in the GOP primary for the right to challenge Mayor de Blasio, a Democrat heavily favored to win re-election.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is largely controlled by the governor, though City Hall has a voice through four mayoral appointees on the MTA board.


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