Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry was only accepted by Brits because ‘she’s not as dark as some African Americans’, US journalist outrageously claims

A US journalist has made the outrageous claim Meghan Markle was only accepted by Brits because she is not as "outwardly dark" as some other African Americans.

Journalist Keli Goff, from Texas, claimed data shows Americans subconsciously think black people with fairer skin are more attractive and less dangerous.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain from New York, she was discussing the issue of discrimination based on skin tone.

She said: "The first person of colour in the royal family is going to be a part-black woman who does not outwardly appear black to all people.

"Now I'm not saying everyone would have a problem if she looked darker but there is plenty of data to indicate that people are more comfortable because Meghan Markle does not appear to be outwardly as dark as some African Americans.

"Study after study after study has confirmed that white Americans, even those who believe they don't hold a bias when they come to race, do hold a bias when it comes to skin colour."

Kensington Palace declined to comment on Goff's claims.

Meanwhile, Meghan yesterday revealed planning for her hen do ahead of the royal marriage is all "sorted" but friends were keeping it a secret.

The US actress, who weds Prince Harry in May, spoke on a visit to Edinburgh.

Fans cheered as the loved-up couple kept clutching each other on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

Tourists Tom Martin, 30, and Francesca Short, 27, from London chatted to them as they strolled up the Esplanade to Edinburgh Castle.

Tom said: "We asked what they were doing for their stag and hen dos. Meghan said, 'I'm not sure – it's sorted but it will be fun'."'is%20accepted%20because%20she%E2%80%99s%20not%20as%20dark%20as%20some%20African%20Americans%E2%80%99″ target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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