Melania Trump Reportedly Plans To Leave Donald Alone In The White House & Move Back To NYC

After making her first appearance in weeks after a mysterious kidney problem, a new report claims Melania Trump plans to leave her husband alone in the White House and move back to NYC.

Melania Trump was last seen by the public on May 10 — almost four weeks ago. Conspiracy theories surrounding her whereabouts have been rampant, and both she and Donald Trump have taken to Twitter to slam the “unfair” and “vicious” “Fake News Media” for questioning where the First Lady has been. A new report from InTouch magazine claims Melania’s prolonged absence from the spotlight was due to her making quiet preparations to move back to NYC! “Melania is done with Washington, DC,” an insider told the outlet. “I don’t know exactly when the move is supposed to happen, but it is being talked about as a permanent move.”

The source added that her alleged strained relationship with Donald would not be her only reason for moving back to the city. The 48-year-old’s mother, Amalija, lives in Trump Tower and is rumored to be in need of medical care and Melania wanted to return to take care of her. “She’ll always be committed to her mother,” the insider said. “Melania would leave the White House in a hot second if it meant choosing between the role of first lady and her family’s health and well-being.” Recall, Melania took her time moving to the White House, in the first place. She and Donald lived apart for five months while he took his place in the Oval Office and she remained in NYC for her son, Barron, to finish school.

There have always been rumors surrounding Donald and Melania’s marriage and the struggles they have faced, especially since porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal both came forward about alleged affairs with the President. InTouch claims her absence is due to the humiliation she felt following those stories, and her move to NYC is imminent. Melania’s communication director Stephanie Grisham denied this story when asked for comment by the outlet.

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