'Melting road' damages cars in Australia as vehicles are left ‘glued’ to the tarmac

Tar stuck to the rubber of the vehicles in northern Queensland, leaving drivers unable to move as their wheels were ruined.

Tarmac melted on Millaa Millaa-Malanda Road in Tarzali, an hour and a half south of Cairns, leaving dozens of motorists stranded.

Local resident Deborah Stacey said "big globs" of tar had stuck to vehicles, amid the hot weather that followed several cooler days and rain.

She told the Courier Mail: "As soon as the sun came out, it started sticking… a lot of soft tar sprayed in big globs and sticking to truck wheels."

The road has been unsafe since a resurfacing job last week was ruined by wet weather, causing the bitumen to become loose and cracked.

Mrs Stacey: “It’s especially bad for holidaymakers who come up for the holidays and are stuck up here with tar dripping up the tyres.”

Others told of their motoring misery, as temperatures hit the high 80s.

A Department of Transport spokeswoman said the department was now working to fix the problem.

She said: “We are aware of issues with the recent reseal works.

“The section of road was temporarily closed to all traffic but has reopened two lanes with reduced speeds following emergency repairs.”

Last week, the DoT put a temporary reduced speed limit of 40mph on the stretch to prevent loose gravel from damaging driver’s windshields.

About 60 motorists have reportedly contacted the department seeking compensation for damage caused to their cars.


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