Millions of motorists face being caught out by police for using mobile phones as SatNavs behind the wheel

DRIVERS are being prosecuted for using their mobile phones as satnavs because of inconsistent advice from authorities, according to motoring experts.

Police raise millions every year from catching UK drivers using their devices at the wheel because of “conflicting” guidelines over the use of navigation apps, reports The Telegraph.

In April, tough new penalties were introduced for those caught touching their phones while driving.

Road users are told not to “use” their phone at the wheel by the Department for Transport while police in some areas say drivers must not “touch” the devices.

But while navigation apps are legal to use, drivers are often prompted to touch the screens of their smartphones will using the software.

Some motorists who have been prosecuted have even been told that their devices should be “out of sight.”

The Crown Prosecution Service’s own guidelines even admits that “there has been some debate about what ‘use’ means”.

Those convicted can expect a six point penalty on their license and a minimum £200 fine under the new rules.

Courts and cops reportedly raise at least £40,000 per day in mobile phone fines which is the equivalent of £14.6 million per year.

Speaking with the Telegraph, president of the AA Edmund King said the “conflicting” advice has caused “confusion among drivers.”

He said: “There have been Department for Transport campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers and we have also done one, and it would be fair to say that we haven’t gone into the minute details of the law.”

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