Mischievous schoolboy goes on JCB rampage after climbing into digger and destroying iron gate

A MISCHIEVOUS schoolboy has been caught on CCTV hijacking a digger and ramming it into iron gates.

The 11-year-old boy from China was filmed jumping into the JCB in Suzhou City, in the eastern Jiangsu Province on January 2.

The schoolboy is seen carrying a schoolbag as he tentatively approaches the digger.

He brazenly jumps in and begins operating it, digging up trees before knocking the gate down.

Minutes later, the schoolboy stops, gets out and calmly walks away.

Police were called after a construction worker informed the digger’s driver, known only as Zhang, of the damage.

Officers attending the scene of the carnage told Zhang that he was meant to lock the door each time he stopped the digger and exited it.

Zhang replied: "I'm doing work here; I need to use it all the time. Could you please check the security camera to see who drove it?"

It was only then that the naughty school kid’s actions came to light.

Local media suggests the unnamed kid was a neighbour of Zhang’s and had learnt how to drive the digger just by watching him.

The kid’s parents have promised to cough up for the damage he has caused.

His punishment, if any, remains unknown.

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