Moment driver ’deliberately knocks into cyclist before attacking him on the ground’ in furious road rage bust-up

THIS is the dramatic moment a driver appears to ram a cyclist off his bike before attacking him on the ground.

The cyclist was filming his ride when he was punched in the head after the crash, with the pair getting into a war of words.

Shocking footage shows the cyclist on Clough Road in Colchester when the black Civic races past him and beeps his horn.

As the cyclist approaches a roundabout, he claims he can see the motorist turning round as he makes his way to a bike shop.

He then pulls off and the driver can be heard beeping behind him before he pulls up alongside him and appears to knock him off his bike.

As the cyclist lies groaning on the road, the raging driver gets out of the car and begins attacking him and calls him a f***ing d***".

He adds: "You're a f***ing idiot, mate. Why did you ride in the road?"

The cyclist responds: "It's where I'm meant to be you f***ing a***hole."

The driver fumes: "Not in the middle of the road. F***ing cars drive on country roads."

The pair then continue to shout and swear at each other as the cyclist yells out: "Someone call the police".

Footage then shows a van driver pulling up, who asks the cyclist if he's alright. He replies: "He's just attacked me."

The cyclist tries to capture the driver's face on camera but he refuses to look at him so he instead whips out his phone and starts filming the car.

As the driver speeds off, another van pulls over and the cyclist yells: "He's just assaulted me – ran me off the road then assaulted me."


Essex Police said both parties made allegations that were thoroughly investigated, saying: "The footage showed there had been a collision between the bike and the car. However it was not possible to establish how it occurred based on the footage and conflicting accounts.

"The driver admitted to assaulting the cyclist by punching him in the head. The cyclist agreed to a community resolution as a way to resolving the matter and the driver agreed to pay £200 towards the cost of damage caused to his bike.

"Community resolutions are used where the victim wishes to have the matter dealt with in this way and the offender admits their involvement."

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