Moment gamer beat 15-year record on cult Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye

THIS is the astonishing moment a gamer smashed a 15-year record on cult hit Goldeneye 007 – after spending 250 hours trying to beat it.

Aussie gamer Karl Jobst devoted himself to completing the 1997 James Bond game's iconic 'Dam' level in under 53 seconds when rival Bryan Bosshardt set the new record time in 2002.

127 'speedrunners' – gamers who try to complete levels in record time – have matched but not broke Bosshardt's score since, forcing experts to concede that beating it may be impossible.

But determined Karl finally shaved a further second off after a marathon 4-hour gaming session last Saturday.

After seeing his score, Karl said: "I'm just shaking! This is insane.

He babbled: "I can't just … like, I'm pins and needles."

Karl broke the record by exploiting a glitch where getting shot in the back makes Bond run faster, and saved miliseconds by managing to blast open a locked gate at the first attempt while running at full speed.

He streamed his attempt live on the internet – and viewers flocked to congratulate him as he lay slumped in his chair while his girlfriend gave him a celebratory kiss.

One Reddit user wrote: "This run is perfection. Three boosts, fast gate and on top of that amazing execution! Truly a pinnacle of speedrunning," wrote one impressed commentator in the Reddit thread that Jobst used to announce his success.

A second added: "128 people with 53, 1 person with 52. Congrats"

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