Monserrate slams rival Council candidate over residence claims

City Council candidate Hiram Monserrate slammed rival Francisco Moya Wednesday for claiming residences at two different addresses, accusing him of either fraudulently obtaining a mortgage or falsely declaring where he lives.

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“I’m calling Francisco Moya out for being a fraud and for being a liar,” Monserrate said at a press conference in Long Island City, in front of one of the homes.

Records show Moya, a state assemblyman, obtained a mortgage in 2010 that required he live in the Long Island City unit for one year.

But in paperwork filed with the city in July 2010, Moya stated he was living at his father Edgar’s house in Corona, several miles away. That let Moya run for a seat in the 39th Assembly District — against Monserrate.

Moya spokesman Jon Greenfield said that Chase Bank bought the mortgage in January 2010 and altered its terms, permitting use of the Long Island City condo apartment as a rental.

But Moya did not directly deny Monserrate’s accusations in a press release, which described his rival — who has served time for stealing government funds — as a liar.

“On every issue in this campaign, my opponent has conjured up all sorts of easily disproven lies to try and raise his own profile and distract from his own failed campaign,” Moya said.

“These are just the sad ramblings of a deeply disturbed man with a well-documented history of violence, theft and public corruption.”

Monserrate, who was also found guilty of misdemeanor assault after slashing an ex-girlfriend, mocked the idea that Moya still lives with “mommy and daddy.”

Monserrate said he has asked the city Campaign Finance Board, the Department of Investigation and the state Joint Commission on Public Ethics to look into Moya’s residency.

Council candidates are not required to live in the district where they’re running until Election Day.


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