Morbidly obese couple who weigh a combined 90 STONE prepare for life-saving surgery after falling in love at weight loss centre

A COUPLE who fell in love at a weight loss clinic more than 10 years ago now have a combined weight of almost 90 stone – almost as heavy as a grown cow.

Lee, 42, who weighs 51 stone, and Rena, 39, who weighs 38, are so morbidly obese they cannot look after themselves and rely on Lee's sister to take care of them.

The couple, from Houston in Missouri in the US, now want to undergo gastric bypass surgery in a bid to lead a normal life.

They will appear in the Lifetime reality series My 600lb Life, which follows those who have found themselves at their breaking point with extreme obesity.

The two of them grew close at bariatric rehab but, when the clinic told them they couldn't be together, they discharged themselves to try to live on their own.

But while together their weight skyrocketed and the pair admitted that their favourite thing to do together is to eat.

The series shows how Lee can barely leave his bed without Rena's constant care, but Rena's own obesity issues means she won't be able to be Lee's caretaker much longer.

Desperate to have a "normal" relationship, Lee and Rena make the difficult journey to Texas to seek medical help in the hopes that they will both be able to get gastric bypass surgery to save themselves.

In a clip, Lee said: "I remember meeting Rena for the first time.

"Her brother was my roommate at the bariatric clinic. Rena would come in every day and visit Michael, and she would talk to me.

"I got to where I would follow her around. We were like Bonnie and Clyde.

"We decided we just wanted to be together. We wanted a relationship."

Rena said: "That broke the rules there, so we either had to stop dating or leave.

"We loved each other, and we've stayed together over the past 11 years since leaving the clinic."

However, they've both continued to struggle with food and their health is only getting worse.

Lee can barely leave his bed and relies on Rena to take care of him, but her weight is rising so rapidly that she won't be able to take care of him for long.

'Rena has done an excellent job of taking care of Lee, but within the last two to three years she has went downhill so much that I have to do it,' Lee's sister Cassie tells the camera.

As their weight continues to spiral out of control, Rena and Lee make the decision to travel from Missouri to Texas to see weight loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in hopes they both qualify for potentially life-saving gastric bypass surgery.

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