MPs May lose their seats under proposed new rules if they are found guilty of sexual harassment or bullying

MPs guilty of sexual harassment or bullying face losing their seats under a new code of conduct to be published this week.

A cross-party group chaired by Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom will unveil proposals including new powers to suspend parliamentarians from the Commons if they breach the code.

It will feature a “behaviour code” to protect all staff – both in parliament and back in constituencies.

Under the plans, independent investigators will carry out probes, with a fully independent grievance procedure.

A dedicated phone line to report complaints and a named contact to speak to in person is also proposed.

The final decision on cases will rest with the parliamentary commissioner for standards.

Under the 2015 Recall of MPs Act a “recall” petition can be triggered if an MP is sentenced to a prison term or is suspended from the House of Commons for at least 21 days – which could result in the loss of their seat.

Probes into allegations made against several Tory and Labour MPs are still ongoing.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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