MPs set to get a £1,300 bumper pay rise in April to £77,379 a year

MPS are set to see their pay hiked AGAIN next year – by more than £1,300.

Politicians in the House of Commons will get a 1.8 per cent pay rise in April 2018, seeing their pay reach £77,379 a year.

The hike is set in line with average weekly earnings across the public sector in the UK – but is well above the one per cent pay cap that’s been imposed on most of the public sector for several years.

Last year MPs enjoyed a 1.4 per cent rise in their base salary to £76,011, and the year before that they got a 1.3 per cent hike too.

The pay boost will be confirmed in February – depending on whether average weekly earnings in the public sector remain the same in the next six months.

Rules implemented after the 2009 expenses crisis mean MPs are powerless to block any rises set by independent pay watch dog.

The news comes after figures yesterday showed an inflation rate rise to 3.1 per cent as Brits continue to feel a squeeze on their incomes.

Average pay rises are still lagging far behind that too, official stats out showed.

Since the Government started cutting the size of the state in 2010, MP’s pay has increased by more than £11,000.

Commons bosses are also set to conduct another probe into MPs’ paychecks which could see them rise even further, The Sun revealed earlier this year.

Under law the structure for MPs remuneration must be comprehensively analysed within 12 months of every election.

It means Theresa May’s disastrous snap poll will trigger yet another inquiry after following one in 2012 and 2015.



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