Mum admits murdering her own baby son after changing plea during trial

A mum has admitted murdering her baby son after dramatically changing her plea at trial.

Hannah Turtle, 22, has pleaded guilty to killing her seven-week-old son James in June 2016.

The jury was set to hear a seventh day of evidence in the case against the Shotton mum but have been discharged after she changed her plea.

The court had previously heard evidence that Turtle had confessed to a health worker: "I am a murderer, I killed my baby".

She was said to have told the health professional that “I put my hand over his mouth … I killed him”.

Mold Crown Court heard in the trial Turtle said to the social worker: “I just put my hand over his face for a few seconds and he stopped breathing. It was either this or self-harming.”

She had not drunk anything but was contemplating self-harm that night which was one of the reasons why she had told her.

Turtle told detectives how she put her hand over James’ face and knew he had stopped breathing, the jury heard.

“I just put my hand over his mouth. I just couldn’t stop myself,” the court heard.

She said that she sat in the room for some 10 minutes and wanted to tell her partner’s mother Kathleen Hughes what she had done but could not bring herself to do so.

Turtle is expected to be sentenced on Thursday.

Defence barrister Gordon Cole said Judge Clive Lewis should take into account psychiatric reports about her condition and state of mind before sentencing her.

Judge Lewis said there has to be a life sentence for murder but he will fix a minimum term and will take into account the culpability of Turtle and her mental state.


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