Mum jailed for launching glass into clubber’s face leaving her unable to eat

A young mum has been jailed for hurling a glass at a random woman’s face in a nightclub, forcing her to eat and drink through a straw for weeks.

Romana Pryce, 21, kicked the door of Debbie Glover’s toilet cubicle before hitting her in the mouth with the glass when she emerged.

Debbie was left so badly injured after the attack at the Tantra club in Sheerness, Kent, that she was forced to eat through a straw for two months.

The savage and unprovoked attack took place around 3am on May 21 last year.

Pryce, who has a four-year-old son, was locked up for 12 months at Maidstone Crown Court on Wednesday.

She admitted that her behaviour was ‘completely unjustified, disgusting and shameful’.

Pryce, who has previous convictions for theft and a reprimand for assault, said she threw the glass but did not intend to hit Debbie.

She added she was drunk and did not know it hit the victim.

The wrong woman was initially arrested, but Debbie obtained CCTV footage from the club and identified her attacker as Pryce.

Prosecutor Mary Jacobson said: "The result was she sustained serious injury.

"Her teeth had moved and she was bleeding. She didn’t see who threw the item.

"After treatment Miss Glover made inquiries and was able to obtain CCTV from the club which clearly showed it was the defendant throwing the glass in close proximity.

"She showed it to members of staff at the club and the defendant was identified and arrested on June 4."

Debbie Glover said in a victim statement there had been an ongoing effect on her, both physically and mentally.

Two incisors were displaced and two other teeth were fractured, and she had cuts to her neck and chest.

She could not bite properly afterwards and endured countless hospital and dental appointments.

Debbie said she was unable to continue working on a beauty counter because of her appearance after the attack.

She said: "I was unable to eat proper food for a long period of time – I had to have food and drink through a straw for eight weeks.

"It could be many years before I am back to normal and I will have to go through numerous medical procedures to rectify the damage.

"I had to take a fair amount of time off work, I worked at a beauty counter where appearance is important.

"I couldn’t go into work because of facial injuries and I felt so unhappy about how I looked I resigned.

"I still avoid smiling so that people can’t see my teeth.

"The most damage is the effect on my family – I was suffering so badly with anxiety I would not go out of the house alone.

"I couldn’t pick up my children from school, a doctor who has placed me on antidepressants."

Daniel Benjamin, defending, said Pryce was so ashamed and appalled by her behaviour she had not touched alcohol and been out socialising since.

He said her four-year-old son, who she was the primary carer for, could live with his father if Pryce was jailed, although he was reluctant to do so and clung to his mother.

Judge Charles Macdonald QC refused to suspend the sentence, but reduced it from 18 months to 12 months because of her son.


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