Mum’s fury after child got so badly sunburnt on school trip they needed a wheelchair

A MUM has vented her fury after her child was so badly sunburnt on a school trip abroad that the pupil needed a wheelchair.

The child allegedly had to be "bandaged from thigh to toe" and taken to hospital because of the pain from red raw skin.

The child was left unable to walk and had to rely on a wheelchair before facing a 36-hour trip home on a coach, BBC reports.

Identified only Mrs C, the mum claimed Moray Council failed to take "reasonable steps" to make sure her child would not get sunburned.

Now the complaint was partially upheld by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO).

The mum said "reasonable action" was not taken after her child's severe sunburn was discovered.

But the ombudsman found the authority's actions in preventing sunburn were reasonable even though they were not effective.

It added: "We were critical of a decision to allow the child to wear shorts and no sun protection when their legs were uncomfortable."

The council said the child was only exposed to 30 minutes of sunlight and sunburn was not at that stage detected.

But the SPSO found failings in its actions once the child's condition was known.

The ombudsman concluded: "We considered that staff, who could see the condition Child A was in, ought to have explored with Mrs C and her husband other options for getting Child A home more quickly, taking into account the child's dignity, privacy and comfort.

"We upheld this aspect of the complaint."

SPSO asked Moray Council to say sorry to the child's mother and her husband for "poor handling" of the complaint.

It was also asked to apologise for failing to find ways of taking the child home after the sunburn.
A spokesman for Moray Council said: "We accept the findings of the SPSO's decision report and will, as requested, provide evidence that their recommendations have been implemented."” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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