Mum’s grief after lover battered their 16-month-old son to death with a hammer

A DEVASTATED mother has described her anguish at her deranged partner beating their one year old son to death with a HAMMER.

Bidhya Sagar Das waited until mum Christenela Dactu was in the shower to carry out his evil attack on tot Gabriel.

 Tiny tot Gabriel was beaten to death by his dad in a horrific attack

The hotel worker planned to kill both Gabriel and his wife, because he wrongly believed Christenela had been sleeping with other men in their child's bed.

In an evil trick, Das told Christenela that they were going to have "a special night" together just minutes before carrying out the attack.

Horrified Christenela rushed out of the shower at the couple's home in Finsbury Park to find Gabriel "covered in blood."

She told the Old Bailey: "I will have to live with the pain for the rest of my life.

 The couple had been together for five years, and Gabriel's mum described today her love of being a mother

"When I fell pregnant it was like a miracle, I felt I had a reason to live.

"The future seemed wonderful. The father was supporting me and we were happy. Both I and the father were happy.

 Killer: Bidhya Das pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder and manslaughter by diminished responsibility

Tiny Gabriel suffered multiple skull fractures and was pronounced dead within hours of the attack.

Das also left a one year old girl in a critical condition before dumping the hammer in a nearby street.

The court heard that killer Das, a regular cannabis user,  was so paranoid that he thought Christenela was hiding other men in the house.

Prosecutor Zoe Johnson told the court: "Things got so bad that on the occasions when they spent the night together, when he wasn't at work, he removed his shoe laces and tied Ms Datcu's underwear to his own, to ensure that she could not get up without him knowing."

Das has pleaded guilty to manslaughter by one count of diminished responsibility and one count of attempted murder.

The judge will decide tomorrow whether to send him to a mental hospital or to prison.




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