A MUM was left horrified when her daughter returned home from school covered in blood following an attack by a pupil who said he threw a pencil at her.

Bernadette Murgatroyd disputes the schoolboy’s claim and says 12-year-old Paige was left looking “like she had been stabbed”.

 Mum Bernadette Murgatroyd was left horrified when daughter Paige returned from school covered in blood

The mum-of-two, from Bradford, West Yorks, said: “The blood was just all over her clothes and in her hair. You should never have to see your child come home like that.

“She told me over the phone that she did not know what had hit her but the boy reckons it was a pencil.

“It must have been a pretty big pencil to cause someone to bleed all over their head, hands, arms, blazer and blouse.

“They still keep saying he threw a pencil but a pencil would have just bounced off her head and not caused her to bleed.

 Bernadette says Paige looked 'like she had been stabbed' in the attack by a schoolboy
 The attacker claimed he threw a pencil at Paige, but mum Bernadette doesn't believe him

"Paige said she felt something hit her in the head but she just kept quiet.

“She told me she felt like crying but didn’t want them to make fun of her even more.

“It was only when another pupil saw the blood streaming from her head that she realised how bad it was.”

The attack at Bradford Academy earlier this month left Paige with a wound to the back of her head.

 Paige was left with a head wound in the attack at Bradford Academy
 Bernadette said: 'The blood was just all over her clothes and in her hair'

The boy responsible for it was initially put in isolation according to Bernadette, before he was suspended for three days when she complained.

She claims the boy has been targeting her daughter for weeks.

Bernadette, 37, added: “Paige is a happy-go-lucky kid but this behaviour from this boy has really got to her.

“If she had not started bleeding, what would this boy have done next? Why should he just be free to assault my daughter?

 Bernadette claims her daughter has been targeted for weeks
 The attack occurred at Bradford Academy earlier this month

“If I keep Paige off school, then I am the one in trouble. No child should have to go to school and not feel safe.”

Bernadette is also speaking with West Yorkshire Police about the incident.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “We can confirm an incident of assault at Bradford Academy on October 2. Investigations are continuing.”

Tehmina Hashmi, Principal of Bradford Academy, said: “We are working with both the parent and police to ensure that the incident is dealt with appropriately.”

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