Mystery stranger leaves heartwarming note for stressed student, 17, after overhearing her conversation on train

The kind gesture came after Courtney Robb was overheard talking to another pupil about her anxiety issues with her course as she travelled home.

The 17-year-old was stunned to find an encouraging letter to her after rummaging through her bag and wants to find the person who penned it.

It said: "I hope this isn't weird or makes you uncomfortable, but I couldn't help hearing some of your conversation.

"I just wanted to say I think you are so strong. You are beautiful and deserve all good things in your life.

"The past does not define you. Keep looking forward. Girl on train."

The teenager is a few weeks in to her professional dance course at the Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts.

She was on a train and speaking to a friend about how she has been finding things tough and how she hadn't wanted to go in to college on that day.

She told The Courier: "I had opened up about my anxiety, and don’t really like travelling, so starting the course has been a challenge, especially as I have been the victim of a crime that meant I had to give a statement to the police.

“We were speaking really quietly, and a girl sitting across the table from us was wearing headphones, so I really didn’t think she could hear us.

“But when I got off the train and got home, I found the note in my bag, and when I read it, I just wanted to cry."

The teen now wants to personally thank the woman who wrote the message of encouragement.

She thinks the kind stranger was in her early 20s with light brown, medium length hair.

She said: "It is an amazing note and exactly what I needed and she deserves to know how thankful I am."

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