NASA shows us Jupiter as we’ve never seen it before

These photos are out of this world!

NASA just released new photos of Jupiter that show the closest look we’ve ever had of the planet’s “Great Red Spot.”

The snaps, taken from the space agency’s Juno space probe and released Wednesday, captured the gas giant’s planet-sized storm from 5,600 miles away, CNN reports.

“Jupiter’s mysterious Great Red Spot is probably the best-known feature of Jupiter,” said Scott Bolton, principal investigator of Juno from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, ahead of the probe’s deep dive.

“This monumental storm has raged on the solar system’s biggest planet for centuries. Now, Juno and her cloud-penetrating science instruments will dive in to see how deep the roots of this storm go, and help us understand how this giant storm works and what makes it so special.”

Juno blasted off from Earth in 2011 and has been orbiting the far-off planet for one Jupiter year, racking up 71 million miles in the process, according to NASA.


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