We need to stop listening to big business about Brexit

IN a world changing at the speed of light why would Britain submit forever to the stranglehold of EU trading rules and stay shackled to a customs union?

It would be the worst possible Brexit option. Those still suggesting it, some in Cabinet, need their heads examined.

Why do they do it? Because “big business” wants it. But big business, in the shape of the CBI, has been wrong at every key moment in the last century.

It lobbied to appease Hitler, opposed Mrs Thatcher’s vital, liberating union reforms, championed every suffocating EU treaty and begged to join the euro.

Each would have been disastrous. So would sticking close to Brussels instead of striking out on our own.

Vast new tech corporations spring up all the time. A firm not yet invented may dominate the landscape in ten years. Why, as Michael Gove says, would we risk becoming a “VHS economy” by bowing to the misguided desires of our current business leaders?

Gove was unfairly pilloried after he said Brexit voters were sick of “experts” ­getting predictions “consistently wrong”.

He meant the CBI among others. And he was right.

IT is an affront to his many victims and all women that John Worboys will be released early without a single word of explanation.

That a serial sex attacker deemed too dangerous for open prison only two years ago and still held in a maximum security jail is suddenly judged “safe”.

His lenient sentence was a scandal. So is the secrecy around a Parole Board ruling that surely defies all reason and must endanger women.

Britain has a right to know why this monster is being let loose. That is why The Sun is launching a legal battle to make the parole findings public.

A judicial review aimed at overturning them may follow. And if this secrecy is within the law, the law must change.

Worboys now faces a new accusation. We urge other women to come forward too if they suspect this evil cab driver attacked them. He must stay locked up.

The Government’s response to this case has been abysmal. Victims are being kept in the dark, even having to learn from us about his move to London.

Justice Secretary David Gauke must act.

WE’VE heard it all now: Remainers clamouring for Boris Johnson to be fired for calling for more money for the NHS.

Don’t they realise most voters think he has a point? Do they really consider the public too dim to spot a blatant plot to oust the biggest Cabinet Brexiteer?

If they genuinely believe Boris is more treacherous than their own efforts to undermine a democratic referendum, they really have said farewell to reality.

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