The NINE Salisbury sites still contaminated by Skripal spy poison as experts say it will take MONTHS to clear-up

A huge clean up operation is now underway and police have handed control to government officials after the attempted Novichok assassinations.

The sites will be watched 24 hours a day to stop intruders during the cleaning work in Salisbury after the March 4 attack.

The nine sites are: The Maltings park area, Zizzi restaurant, the Mill pub, Mr Skripal’s house, the home of Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, two areas of Bourne Hill police station, Salisbury ambulance station, Amesbury ambulance station, and the Ashley Wood compound.

The Maltings park area

Yulia, 33, and Sergei, 66, were discovered slumped over on a park bench in The Maltings shopping centre on March 4.

Forensic officers were seen removing the bench to "preserve it as a potential crime exhibit".

It had been cordoned off and covered by a tent after the pair were taken to hospital in a critical condition after the alarm was raised.

Zizzi restaurant

Traces of the military grade nerve agent were found at the Italian restaurant where Sergei dined with Yulia on the night of the poisoning.

The pair were found two hours after finishing their meal collapsed on a park bench.

Following the attack, Public Health England (PHE) issued advice to those who had been in Zizzi – telling them to wash the clothes they were wearing.

They were also offered compensation for dry-clean only clothing that may have come into contact with the nerve agent.

The Mill pub

The Skripals both visited the Mill for a drink on the day of the Novichok attack.

It was vital for the police timeline of the attack, with investigators saying they went to the pub after parking up at around 1.40pm in a Sainsbury's car park.

From The Mill, Sergei and his daughter headed to the Zizzi restaurant for a drink.

The Skripal house

Tests on the house in Salisbury found the highest concentration of Novichok on the front door – suggesting it was placed there.

Dep Ass Commissioner Dean Haydon said: "At this point in our investigation, we believe the Skripals first came into contact with the nerve agent from their front door.

“We are therefore focusing much of our efforts in and around their address."

It emerged last week Russia had tested its deadly Novichok nerve agent could be used for assassinations by placing it on door handles, according to British spooks.

Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey's home

Last month, the nerve agent probe was widened to the home of poisoned cop Nick Bailey – raising fears he may have brought the deadly chemical home with him.

Military swooped on sleepy Alderholt, Dorset, this morning, where the Wiltshire Police Detective Sergeant lives.

Officers are concerned DS Bailey may have gone home after coming into contact with nerve agent Novichok after he was first on the scene at the Salisbury poisoning.

DS Bailey was rushed to hospital after the attack but was later discharged.

Bourne Hill police station

The military and ambulance crews were deployed to the police station as a number of vehicles were taken away for further forensic examination.

The "large operation" was believed to have been focused on items contaminated when they came into contact with the Skripals.

Salisbury ambulance station

Two ambulances were removed from Salisbury ambulance station as the probe got underway.

Dramatic scenes showed personnel in white protective suits and camouflaged uniforms.

It is not clear why the ambulances were removed but the station forms part of the clean up.

Amesbury ambulance station

Firefighters in hazmat suits were scrambled to the ambulance station three days after the attack.

It was originally reported that the operation was "precautionary".

But it has been identified as a site requiring special clean up.

Ashley Wood

Met counter-terrorism officers and military experts in hazmat suits arrived at the Ashley Wood recovery garage four days after the Skripal poisoning.

Sergei's burgundy BMW 320D saloon became a focus of the investigation over fears the nerve agent could have been smeared on the door handle.

It was taken away by police after being examined at the recovery garage.


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