No more excuses for convicted IRA man John Downey as he finally faces justice

NONE of the excuses over IRA Hyde Park bomb suspect John Downey ever held water. Yet they kept coming.

It “wasn’t in the public interest” to fund a private prosecution with Legal Aid. There was “no benefit”. Downey, a convicted IRA man, had a “strong” defence.

And, most ridiculously, that the tens of thousands raised by a Sun appeal ­disqualified victims’ families from ­getting public money. Meanwhile officials spent a fortune defending jihadis.

We are delighted the Legal Aid Agency has finally seen sense. That the families of the four massacred soldiers will get their moment in court. And that Downey will face justice after the shameful blunder that ended his criminal trial.

It would not have happened but for this paper and our amazing readers.

We know a good cause in the public interest when we see one.

It is scandalous not one conviction stands over that terrible day in 1982.

We hope justice will now at last be done.

CABINET Remainers will try any trick. The Chancellor’s latest effort deserved its short shrift from No10.

Philip Hammond wants to keep some EU customs union rules until our new trade deals are ready to roll out.

But that simply kicks the can down the road. He or a successor could then argue the new agreements weren’t significant enough to finally cut all ties.

It’s a ruse, in other words, to prevent Brexit ever really happening.

MPs must all get real. No reasonable interpretation of Brexit could keep us tied to Brussels’ rules and handicap a new independent trade policy. It is the worst imaginable outcome. To be a success, Brexit must be done in full.

Remainers endlessly argue that ­Leavers never voted to leave the single market or customs union. What cobblers. Both are fundamental to the EU.

What did “leaving” mean if not that?

NAOMI Campbell is dead right over the farcical ban on F1 grid girls.

They’re models like me, she says. And they love what they do too.

Quite right. These young women aren’t oppressed by the patriarchy. They don’t need rescuing. They choose to use their looks to add glamour to F1, or the darts, and get decent money for it.

Yet politically-correct killjoys congratulate themselves for liberating them.

From what? Paid work?

A CENTURY of votes for women? Hooray . . . print up the special Royal Mail stamps!

Millions of women vote for Brexit in biggest mandate ever? No stamps.

We guess they voted wrong.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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