Nursery workers arrested after video emerged of them handing a sex toy to a child

A PAIR of nursery workers in have been arrested for allegedly recording themselves playing with a sex toy in front of a child.

Police in Chandler, Arizona say 25-year-old Gabriella Del Carmen Garcia turned herself in Wednesday while 24-year-old Fatina Sawyer was arrested later.

 Nursery worker Gabriella Del Carmen Garcia surrendered to police after footage emerged of her playing with a sex toy in front of a child

Cops say Garcia is seen in the video giving a sex toy to a child and Sawyer is accused of recording the incident.

Police say the video was posted to Snapchat on Monday.

The video clearly shows the workers handling sex toys and mimicking sexual acts in front of kids in their care.

Someone reported the video and that began a criminal investigation.

 Fatina Sawyer was arrested by cops after they responded to a call at her mother's house

Detective Seth Tyler of the Chandler Police Department said: "For those who haven't seen the video, I do not suggest that you watch it. It is extremely disturbing.

"Gabriella is the one that we believe is the main player in the video. She is the one holding the sex toy and manipulating the sex toy."

The man who first alerted authorities, who asked not to be identified, said: "I was appalled, my heart hurt.

"They're kinda running through the daycare, so I kinda wonder, where was the director?

"Where was the manager while this was taking place?"

Police have yet to disclose what charges Garcia and Sawyer could be facing.

It’s unclear if either woman has an attorney yet.

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