NYC commuters return to daily grind after terror attack

Still-shaken Big Apple commuters carried on with their daily grind Tuesday, trudging through the reopened passageway where an ISIS-inspired madman detonated a pipe bomb the day before.

Several NYPD patrol cops were on-duty inside the walkaway linking the Port Authority and Times Square subway stations where police say terror suspect Akayed Ullah carried out the 7:20 a.m. attack.

Bomb-sniffing dogs were spotted at the Port Authority entryway into the walkaway at 8th Avenue and W. 42nd Street.

Commuter Chuck Igin, 68, of South Jersey was one of many caught among the chaos and panic after the bomb was set off.

“It feels pretty eerie,” Igin said Tuesday while walking through the passageway. “I was here yesterday when it happened. I saw a lot of people running and screaming. A lot of people confused. But ultimately we all moved on.”

Igin added: “Now we all embrace our own freedom and move on. It’s just another day. Seeing more cops this morning is definitely welcomed.”

Tanvir Avery, 60, of Rockland County said she felt “concerned” to be back at the blast scene, “But I see all the police and it makes me feel good that somebody is watching all the people. That makes me feel secure.”

Orest Ymiv, 26, who usually parks his car at the Port Authority Bus Terminal said he was considering changing his plans Tuesday, but decided not to.

“I figured security would be beefed up. So I felt safe. I like the fact that there is more police in the tunnel. It feels safer,” Ymiv said.

Shaun Anders, 35, of Upper West Side, walked through the passageway in stride during his morning commute.

“I feel fine walking through the tunnel a day after the attack. Can’t let these idiots stop us. That’s what they want,” Anders said.

The alleged bomber inflicted little damage in his botched, ISIS-inspired attack and left three people only with minor injuries.

Ullah suffered the worst of the injuries and was immediately taken into custody.


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