Former Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan threw Mayor de Blasio a curveball Tuesday when he joined Hizzoner on a teleconference to back renewal of mayoral control of schools — but said he also supports adding charter schools.

While Duncan made it clear he’s not familiar with the specifics of the end-of-legislative-session battle in Albany, his broad position that charter schools should be a part of a political compromise aligns with that of state Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, who is battling the mayor on the renewal.

“In politics there’s always some compromise. I hope there’s some compromise there,” said Duncan.

“And if you want to help some charters, some charter kids or create some more good charter schools, I’m all for that. I sure don’t want to hurt 1.1 million children to achieve that goal.”

Flanagan (R-LI) has called for extending mayoral control for five years, but only in concert with other provisions — including lifting the city’s cap on the number of charter schools.

He said Tuesday he is willing to negotiate the number of added charters and was prepared to return for a special session if a deal can’t be struck before the Legislature adjourns Wednesday.


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