Outrage as female uni students are subjected to vile ‘meat market’ sex games by lads in Australia

FEMALE students at an elite uni in Australia are being subjected to vile "meat market" sex games in which they're rated on their performance in bed by their male housemates.

Graphic photos and screenshots have emerged from the St John’s College at the University of Sydney, showing male students rating girls on how “f***able” they are and bragging about their sexual exploits, reports news.com.au.

In an annual tradition known as “Fresher Five”, the older male students at St John’s congregate in March to rank the first-year female students on their attractiveness and select the hottest five.

A screenshot of the Facebook group organising a previous Fresher Five event is called “Prime cuts and minute steaks”.

The opening post reads: "Lads, gents and lords, fellas, c***s and boarz, Judgement day is nigh …. It’s time to deliberate on fresher 5.

"With 60 (fresher girls) to consider, there’s plenty of fish in the sea but someone’s gotta sort the salmon from the carp.”

One current female student who was selected in a recent Fresher Five round told news.com.au: “I was one of them on the list and have never felt like such a piece of meat in my life … I honestly had this huge boy grip me in a hug and whisper in my ear, ‘You were in Fresher Five, watch out tonight.”

In another annual ritual called “The Purge”, St John’s College students are encouraged to post all embarrassing and sexual photos of each other on their closed Facebook group.

The Purge lasts for 24 hours, and students have carte blanche to post incredibly graphic and demeaning sexual content to humiliate their peers.

The Purge last took place in November 2017 and news.com.au obtained screenshots from both the 2016 and 2017 Purge events.


Some of the screenshots from the 2016 and 2017 Purge events are too graphic to publish.

But others include images of boys participating in a secret sex-bragging game called “Heavyweight”.

The game involves them sending Snapchat selfies to a group of other male students, while holding up the bra or knickers of St John’s girls who they had allegedly just had sex with.

The photos are captioned things like, “The reigning heavyweight champion” or simply “Heavyweight”.

In response, female students have now banded together to oppose the deeply ingrained sexism of some male students.

The female students are now demanding change and have formed an Equality Committee to advocate for reform.

The college first became coeducation in 2001 but female students say that the sexism is still pervasive, and that even before Orientation week the older students will “Facebook lurk” the incoming female students to rate their attractiveness and give them “Fresher names”.

A version of this story originally appeared on news.com.au.

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