Outrage as woman is ’gang raped on orders of Pakistani village elders’ after marrying for love

A WOMAN in Pakistan has been gang raped on orders of her village elders' after marrying for love, it's been reported.

The 19-year-old had reportedly eloped following the wedding two and a half months ago before the alleged assault in Tandlianwala district near Faisalabad.

Police have reportedly arrested three suspects, including two brothers, and they are currently in custody, according to local reports.

The teenager told a press conference that her father had brought her back home after the elders promised the family she could be given away in a traditional ceremony, according to Geo News.

But instead the village council are alleged to have kept her captive and three men raped her.

She reportedly escaped captivity and DNA tests proved she had been gang raped.

Her family has appealed to the authorities to hold those responsible to account.

It comes after police arrested 10 people in Pakistan for killing a newlywed couple who had married without permission from their elders in November.

The bodies of Abdul Hadi, 24, and  Hasina Bibi, 19, were found in a graveyard in the southern port city of Karachi.

He added that the men confessed to murdering the couple with knives upon the orders of a "Jirga," or tribal council, for dishonoring their Pashtun culture.

Nearly 1,000 Pakistani women are killed by close relatives each year in so-called honour killings.

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