Oxford to ban petrol and diesel cars in 2020 in bid to be car-free by 2030

OXFORD is hoping to become one of the first cities in the world to ban petrol and diesel vehicles – while allowing electric cars.

Only 'zero-emission' vehicles will be allowed in six central streets in three years’ time.

 Fictional TV detective Inspector Morse and his trademark Jaguar Mark II

The car-free zone may then be gradually extended in 2025 and 2030 to include the whole city.

The ban would also include buses and types of hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius.

Even HGVs making deliveries will be outlawed by 2035. Experts said it will cut toxic emissions in the city, which has dangerous air pollution.

The proposal would cost bus operators, taxis, haulage firms and councils an estimated £7million.

 The new Toyota Prius would be allowed as it has passed zero emissions tests
 A clear Oxford afternoon but the High Street becomes very congested during rush hours

They will have to replace vehicles with electric ones. This includes local authority bin lorries and gritters. The city will also have to spend £7million on number plate recognition CCTV to police the ban. Only hybrids which can switch to zero emissions will be allowed.

Offenders would be slapped with a £60 fine.

So even TV’s Inspector Morse would have been be hit. The telly cop, played by the late John Thaw, drove along Oxford’s historic streets in a gas guzzling Jaguar Mark II.

Environment chief John Tanner said the ban is “urgently needed”.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4666232/oxford-to-ban-petrol-and-diesel-cars-in-2020-in-bid-to-be-car-free-by-2030/

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