A BOOZED-UP student has quit the university’s Conservative Association in shame after clambering up a church flag pole and ripping it down.

Carlo Attubato, 19, is said to have necked port at a £5-a-head, all you can drink Tory bash.

 A student quit the Oxford Tory society in shame after being suspended when he ripped a flag from the Oratory Catholic Church

He then climbed up the pole outside the Oratory Catholic Church in the city and yanked off the papal flag.

Oxford University Conservative Association committee member Carlo – studying Maths and Philosophy – carried out the drunken prank with two pals.

But only one was disciplined for the vandalism.

A source said: “He had been at a port and policy debate.

“It’s held every Sunday in term-time, members pay £5 and guests £10 for an evening of unlimited port

 The posh Oxford parties are renowned for drunken rituals — recreated by models

“Carlo was sharing responsibility for dispensing port.

“He was apparently visibly drunk.

“Port and Policy events are known for their raucous nature, port bottles occasionally smashed by the compère or referee in an attempt to quieten members and call order."

Church officials are said to have forgiven him after he attended mass the next day to say sorry and offered to pay for repairs.

 William Rees-Mogg - MP Jacob's nephew - suspended Attubato from the university's Conservative society

However it sparked allegations of anti-Catholicism within the Tory group.

Then president William Rees-Mogg – nephew of Conservative MP Jacob – suspended him from the association.

He said: “I was of course deeply shocked to hear what had happened on that evening, and at once suspended the person in question.

“Such behaviour has no place within the modern Conservative movement.”

Carlo has now resigned from the OUCA.

An OUCA spokesman said: “The Association was deeply disturbed by the drunken behaviour of the individual in question.

“He was immediately suspended from the Association, and is now no longer a member.

"It is understood that his private contrition and reparations have satisfied the Oratory.”

In February Ronald Coyne, 18 – a distant relative of Nicola Sturgeon – was filmed burning a £20 note to taunt a freezing homeless man at Cambridge University.

He was a member of Cambridge University Conservative Association and was suspended from his studies before being allowed back.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4760194/drunken-oxford-student-church-flagpole-conservative-tory/

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