Peacemaker Donald Trump confounds his critics again after historic Kim Jong-un summit

Certainly, Trump has got the best possible outcome for the world and the summit was rocket fuel for future negotiations to give us a nuclear-free Korea.

Not since sworn enemies Hitler and Stalin agreed the Nazi-Soviet Pact before World War Two have we seen such a dramatic turnaround in international relations — but this time to stop an impending war.

These informal get-togethers in front of the world’s media are where Trump’s showman abilities shine and he relished the press conference.

And he seemed more at ease with long-time enemy Kim than he did with his allies at the G7 summit.

At the moment, though, the winner from this historic meeting is Kim.

He has achieved what he wanted — to be taken seriously as an international statesman.

Critics of Trump are arguing that he has made more concessions than the North Koreans.

It was a surprise that he agreed to halt US military exercises in South Korea.

And the agreement provided no date for the North Koreans to completely dismantle their nuclear weapons programme.

Such a detailed timetable was never likely from a meeting that Trump had always seen as a getting-to-know-you summit first and foremost.

But Kim’s promise of a verified denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula is the aim of these negotiations, and that is what Trump needs to fix on.

The big prize for Kim, meanwhile, is the relaxation or end of sanctions.

And he won’t get that until the US has firm promises about when and how the North Koreans will scrap their weapons of mass destruction.

More than anything, the reason yesterday’s summit took place is that North Korea needs to open up to Western trade, so this impoverished country can feed its starving people.

But both sides came out of this summit full of smiles and so long as each has something to smile about, we should all be happy.

  • Mark Almond is a historian and the director of the Crisis Research Institute in Oxford.

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