Piers Morgan slams ’ex-gay’ doctor who has been married for 35 years and claims he can ’cure’ homosexual people in shocking GMB rant

PIERS Morgan has slammed an"ex-gay" doctor who has been married for 35 years and claimed he can "cure" homosexual people in a shocking TV rant.

Dr Michael Davidson was blasted as a "stupid old bigot" by the Good Morning Britain presenter after claiming he had successfully turned himself straight through prayer.

The dad-of-two, who lives near Belfast, appeared on the programme to discuss gay conversion, which he claims is possible with counselling and prayer.

But Morgan said he was talking "complete claptrap" and labelled him a "dangerous part of our society".

Speaking on the ITV show today, he said: "'I believe that people are not born gay, that they come into homosexual feelings, and that it is something that in some cases is reversible for people who want to make that the trajectory of their lives.

"It's inconsistent with some people's value systems and they want to be true to themselves.

"I think we're here today because there's clearly a population group who feel they are not comfortable with homosexual expression, and they want out of it."

But enraged Morgan replied: "Do you know what we call these people? We call them horrible little bigots in the modern world.

 Piers Morgan slammed a Christian campaigner who claims he can 'cure' homosexuality with prayer
 Dr Michael Davidson told the presenter he stopped 'homosexual practices' through help, therapy and prayer

"Just bigoted people who actually talk complete claptrap and are in my view a malevolent and dangerous part of our society.

"What's the matter with you? How can you think that nobody is born gay and they all get corrupted and can all be cured?"

Dr Davidson responded: "Where's your evidence that homosexuality is something that is innate and unchangeable?

"Not even the American Psychological Association or the Royal College of Psychiatrists have presented that evidence."

To this a furious Mr Morgan retorted: "Michael, stop talking for a moment, stop banging on about wacky backy scientists in America – I'm asking you a question, it's this: prove to me that you're straight."

 Dr Davidson was on the programme discussing the topic of 'gay conversion'

Dr Davidson explained he has two children and has been married to his wife for 35 years, adding: "I have left homosexual practices."

Morgan said: "Shut up you old bigot. Sorry, but this is ridiculous."

It comes after a church in Liverpool was found to be offering gay conversion therapy, consisting of a three-day fasting programme to "cure" homosexuality.

Dr Davidson previously made the headlines when Boris Johnson pulled advertisements that the Christian campaigner and his allies had put on the side of buses in 2012.

The ads said: "Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post-Gay and Proud. Get over it", and were supposed to mirror a campaign by the gay rights group Stonewall.

Mr Johnson said at the time: "It is clearly offensive to suggest that being gay is an illness that someone can recover from."

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