PM blasted by her own tsar for doing ’nothing’ to help immigrants integrate

THERESA May’s integration tsar slammed the Government yesterday for doing “absolutely nothing” over migrants failing to fit in with British life.

Dame Louise Casey hit out a year after she warned in a report that Muslims in some parts of the UK live in enclaves.

She accused ministers of being too distracted by Brexit to tackle major domestic problems.

Dame Louise said: “Islamic extremism remains very present.”

She is also concerned about “festering far right extremism”.

She took aim at the Guardian and the “liberal intelligentsia” for making people “uncomfortable” to call themselves British. This had let the far right take ownership of British symbols.

The former top mandarin said: “We are currently living in a divided society that has probably got worse.”

“I think absolutely nothing has happened since I published that report a year ago.”

And echoing the Government’s outgoing opportunities tsar Alan Milburn, who earlier this week attacked the PM’s lack of action on her pledge to make Britain “fairer”, she criticised the PM for failing to match her pledge to tackle social mobility with action.

Dame Louise said: “Rhetoric about social mobility can’t crumble to dust.”'absolutely%20nothing'%20to%20integrate%20newcomers” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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