Police officer chokes for air in harrowing bodycam footage showing aftermath of ammonia attack

A POLICE officer was left choking and coughing for air after rushing to help people caught up in a gang-related ammonia attack outside a McDonald's.

Terrifying footage of the attack shows the officer coughing and spluttering as she tries to clear her lungs while rushing to help others hurt by the substance.

In the bodycam footage the female officer can be heard radioing in for assistance before going to help a young woman with the substance in her eyes.

A court heard the fluid was thrown by gang members from Wellingborough, Northants., who were targeting Northampton-based gang rivals in the early hours of July 23 last year.

Frank Taylor, 25, Ijuha Sterling-Campbell, 21, and Jake Price, 22 all pleaded guilty to four counts of administering a poison or noxious substance with intent to injure.

Taylor was jailed for two years and nine months at Northampton Crown Court, while Price and Sterling-Campbell each received sentences of two years and 11 months.

The three men, all from Wellingborough, were said to have acted jointly in administering the ammonia towards the crowd.

Police had initially feared the substance thrown was acid, but later found that the liquid was ammonia.

Detective Sergeant Keith Morson, of Northamptonshire Police, slammed the confrontation as a "horrendous, indiscriminate attack", saying it had left innocent members of the public suffering serious reactions.

He said: "There was a complete disregard for their safety and that of the two police officers who also suffered the effects of the substance."

Paying credit to the officers involved, he added: "This type of incident, although rare, is the continuation of a worrying national trend and I take pride we have managed this investigation to a successful conclusion, ensuring these gang members were all quickly identified, arrested and convicted for their dangerous actions.

"Northamptonshire Police are determined to target any individual who affiliates themselves to a gang and we appeal for the public's help in telling us about any concerns they have about gang activity.

"Anyone with information about gangs operating in Northamptonshire Police can call us on 101 or independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

Taishon Whittaker, 26, was found not guilty of the same charges at the end of a six-day trial on Monday.

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