Poppi Worthington’s sick dad claimed he would get £100,000 from her death

SICK Paul Worthington boasted he would make £100,000 from daughter Poppi’s death.

Worthington, 50, told friends he planned to sue police for compensation because they were wrongly accusing him of the toddler’s murder.

The ex-Tesco worker, in hiding after a coroner ruled he sexually assaulted 13-month-old Poppi just before she died, said: “They think I murdered her but they’ve got nothing on me.

"There’s no evidence and I’m going to sue them. I’ll make £100,000.”

On ex-friend said: “I saw him a few months after Poppi died.

"All he seemed to be bothered about was money, not his daughter.

“He wasn’t talking about how sad he was.

"It was ‘I’m going to get all this money’.

"It makes my blood boil.”

Another former friend of Worthington, from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, said: “He was always going on all the time about how much money he would get.”

Worthington never faced any charges over Poppi’s death because a bungled police investigation failed to secure vital evidence.

A coroner last week ruled Poppi was abused by Worthington shortly before she choked to death in his bed.

Police and prosecutors are due to meet to discuss whether he could now be charged.

Worthington, who denies any wrong doing, refused to answer 252 questions during Poppi’s inquest.

MP's plea

POPPI’S MP has launched a campaign to improve child protection as her legacy.

Labour’s John Woodcock wants a public inquiry to ensure lessons are learned from her death.

He has written to the PM for her support and set up The Poppi Worthington Petition for Safer Children.

He urged the PM: “Please act to stop other children from being failed.”

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