Priest SLAPS baby at christening because it won’t stop crying as outraged relatives snatch the child away

The French-speaking clergyman became outraged and lost his temper when the child was sobbing inside the church.

Distressing video footage shows the priest raise his left hand after he failed to calm the youngster down.

He then struck the baby using an open palm and the child's stunned relatives were forced to step in.

The family struggle to wrestle the baby out of the priest’s hands after the shocking incident.

At the beginning of the clip, the priest could be heard talking to the baby and appeared to be trying to appease it.

A woman, presumably the baby’s mum, was holding her child as the priest talked during the ceremony.

He even pressed the baby against his chest in a bid to try and calm the child down but the screaming continued to get louder.

The priest appears to say: “Calm down, calm down, you must calm down.”

Just seconds later he hits the baby on its cheek.

A woman jumped in and tried to prise the baby from his grip and a man, thought to be the youngster’s dad, eventually grabbed his child from the priest.

It's not known where the video was filmed but it took place in a church where the service was conducted in French.

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