Public votes ITV and Channel 4 more politically neutral than the BBC

Viewers believe ITV and Channel 4 are more politically neutral than the taxpayer-funded BBC

  •  TV viewers say the BBC is now much less politically neutral than its competition
  • Only 37 per cent of people said they believe the BBC’s coverage is balanced
  • Twenty-two per cent of those asked said the BBC coverage is left wing leaning

Viewers believe ITV and Channel 4 are more politically neutral than the BBC, according to a poll.

Asked about their views on the UK’s broadcasters, 45 per cent – the biggest proportion – believed ITV was the most politically impartial, followed by Channel 4 (41 per cent).

Despite the BBC being funded by the taxpayer, only 37 per cent said they thought its coverage was politically neutral and balanced.

Controversial broadcaster RT, formerly Russia Today, was seen as the least balanced. Only 11 per cent said it was balanced.

The BBC is the most biased television channel, when compared to ITV and Channel 4, according to new research 

Market research company BMG polled more than 1,000 adults. The BBC came second behind RT as the broadcaster most likely to be ‘strongly biased towards Left-wing views’ with 7 per cent saying they thought it was.

A further 15 per cent said they believed the corporation was ‘somewhat biased towards Left-wing views’, meaning that overall 22 per cent accused the BBC of having a Leftist slant.

But it also came under fire for being too Right-wing, with 18 per cent believing it was skewed towards that agenda.

Channel 4 is believed to be politically neutral, according to 41 per cent of adults surveyed in a new poll on bias in the media. The BBC was believed to be the most biased and ITV the least

Asked about ITV and Channel 4, 14 per cent and 17 per cent respectively said they thought the channels leaned towards the Left. But both were regarded as less likely to be Right-wing than the BBC.

The poll also found that if people had Right-wing views they were likely to think the BBC tilted to the Left, and vice versa. A BBC spokesman said: ‘Independent research has shown the BBC is by far the most trusted news outlet in the UK.’


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